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   Hot Rod'z  New'z

Hi,... thank you for coming, and I welcome you to this inaugural edition of Hometowne Hot Rod’z and New’z  and the launch of a new Monthly, possible bi-weekly feature by way of Hometown Hot Rod’z and Bod’z with “Hometowne Spotlight”and only featured (for right now) here’ on www.TheDodgeLodge.com !. ​

Our "Grand Scheme" and hope is that you will stay awhile and socialize as you're busy life permit's. The goal is to bring you along - rather than cheapen it with bullshit and fancy pant's marketing to separate you from what you deserve, and have worked so very hard for... ( direction here to feature's, interactive's, video and auditory flavor's available...Talk about personal line's of apparel that will"mostly Only" be here. finalize with the whole reason for this...them, me...Us!