​This story will start pretty much like any other story usually does. It has a subject...by the name of  Trevor Kayser.  It has a place of origin...which is Oregon. We will get a perspective of this young man from many people. His mother-Retta of course, some of his sibling's, friends, racing buddies, his best friend, his sponsor's, his mentor's and other's.  Jason say's where it comes to music...he' taught'em everything he knows. Alrighty' then... Each  has had somrthing to say about..."Life's Dardevil" , his motivation's and his antick's to name but a few,  however there is one' common thing  they agree on whole heartedly. Trevor Kayser is' the real deal. He act's and treat's everyone without a single grain of malice and Gives everyone a reasuring smile and a great to know you surety.  .  Everybody wants' to be around Trevor and I surely can understand why!. 

Let's begin were it almost ended! When Trevor was only 3 months old,  he tried to leave this world 3 times. Each time, whether it was Trevor's love-his families love or GOD's love..it would bring him back..and back again', and again. He then had to be placed on a heart monitor with wires everywhere until he was one and one half years of age.  Now since Master Trevor was already developing into somewhat of a daredevil, That containment was now null and void.

Trevor is the 2nd of 4 children and knew NOT' of the word...fear. Nothing could contain this child. It was if...his on/off switch had broken and he was stuck on HIGH! His poor Mom...she was always calling out for "Trevor'..watch out for that", and "Trevor', that's about to..." and many.."TREEEEEE"Vor...what ARE' you doing"... and on and on it went. But Retta would smile, because GOD had made a way for her to keep and love her first little boy.

Master' Trevor and his new boot's from Papa Gordon


Trevor's mov'in around pretty good now and he want's to be cool...Like  Cowboy cool, and all' of a sudden-Trevor received his first pair of boot’s. His grandfather-Papa Gordon-had bought him his first pair and he was so’ excited and “Proud”. When Trevor put them on the first time – he was elated!  This lead to Trevor's version of the boot-scooten boogie   He wore them to the store, he wore them to play, he wore them to church. Heck’…, he wore them every single cotton pick’in second of every minute of the cotton pick’in day. And, he didn’t just wear them outside the door, no…, he wore them inside as well. He wore them watching TV. He wore’ em when he played with his car’s, when he was eating a sandwich. He even wore them to the bathroom. He wore them whenever he was awake.  Those boots were his! He even wore them to sleep! That was the Real' start of his scoot’in and it just continued on from there.


Trevor was into anything that moved. Seemed like everything he touched, he would pull it, push it, ride it, jump it, make friends with it. Everything had to rock, roll, fly, go fast and high.. However…thing’s were not all that simple with 2 thing’s that he discovered in life. One was the deadly clear winged Moth. He self studied Martial Art  tactic’s and maneuver’s with those and then it was on to a jumping frog. A thing that flew and A thing that jumped that Trevor did NOT want in his life. They were scary! His mother, Retta said “It was like watching a thinner version of Chris Farley (God rest his crazy-funny soul) in the film, “Beverly Hills Ninja”. Trevor’s expert tracking and defensive skills finely honed and developed into the Ultimate weapon against unwanted house guests. His humanitarian styled  Coup de grace. YEP’, with all the flailing and wailing, the jabs and stabs, the flipping and kicking with some impromptu slipping…he would finally have his prize! The champ would look at his quarry…look at his mum…look back’ at his captured winnings and then let them go outside.  The great white ``ninja jr. and his kind heart had let another one of God's creature's live.


Don’t get the wrong idea here though. Trevor along with his beautiful Mother, wife and son-are not the only stop at nothing thing’s that he is VERY protective of in his life. If you're Family or simply a Trevor' or a Kayser' friend, you're probably slready added to the Christmas card list along with the family Bar-ba-que and you didn't even know it. That's Trevor...That's a Kayser. They seem to work two-fold in this and it's explained as this. " Yes, it takes love to give love but it's different. "They give love and then' receive love back...if it comes". I don't think there are any judgement's there with them. They are the embodiment of "If you love something-set it free. If it return's to you...share and embrace it, for tomorrow has not yet come". I believe this explain's Trevor some.

As I had  mentioned earlier, Trevor is the 2nd born in the family of four. The Oldest is Keyonna-24, of course is “Our Man of the hour” Trevor-20 this past July. We also have Miranda at 18 and come to the “protected at all costs” one, the youngest and he is Tyler-16.

​Now after the pull cart's, tri-cycles, the boot's and everything,...Trevor's darringness started to grow. He discovered BMX bike's and would ride and race them with his best friend-Jeff Bailey. They have been best friend's since elementary school.  As they grew, so did there need for power and speed, thus giving way to Motocross. We also can't forget about Trevor's brother, Tyler-who always wanted to do what Trevor did. So Trevor would challenge and dare him to do things...of course Tyler would do' these thing's. Then when Tyler was getting patched up, no one had to ask Tyler what happened-they just simply went to the source of yet again...another instigated hair-brained idea by none other - than Trevor. It wasn't just an exclusive with his little brother..no, it was with EVERY'body! But Trevor was fair about this and would also challenge his self. The guy just simply has no fear. As far as he knew, it was suppose' to be this way!

​...and there is no difference when it comes to Trevor and​ Tyler


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​There he is.. Trevor in...a chevrolet? Well, at least he grew out of that.


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​Again...I thank you for coming and welcome you to this inaugural edition of Hometowne Hot Rod’z and New’z  and the launch of a new Monthly, possible bi-weekly feature by way of Hometown Hot Rod’z and Bod’z with “Hometowne Spotlight”and only featured right here on www.TheDodgeLodge.com !.  

In this addition, we will be going to Oregon, by way of Florida and Ohio to introduce you to a very nice and charismatic young man by the name of Trevor Kayser. Now you know and I know-that if you want to really’ find out about everything, you ask the Mother, friends and the better half …, and that’s just what I did!

You're HT Spotlight...

​I have had a SHIT Load of  unforeseen and unimaginable's happen. Last-past computer ate the whole' shipyard full of info-picture's, vid's. I think it got the computer equivalent of the horrible sudden death syndrome  called sic'ds . Sudden intolerant computer death syndrome. So bare with. Just found out that nothing was salvageable. Marone'!!!!!

We're still going to do what I said. meet Trevor and his soul mate. It wasn't that way at first though​We follow in with employer, a few friends, drifting "other's" cars into snow banks..his racing team and Mentor.. along with his new role as a father. We'll also wind down the racing season with a schedule of event's to come and what's the what for next year. .

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